Must Read Top 10 Interview Follow-Up Tips from a Career Psychologist

Must Read Top 10 Interview Follow-Up Tips from a Career Psychologist

You have had the interview, now what? These 10 Interview follow-up tips from a career psychologist will help you on your way.

Well done! You got through the interview. You may have been told in the interview that you would hear of the outcome in 1 week or so.

But what now? Just wait?… Not quite…

It is key not to lose sight of the importance of follow-up, even at this stage.

Your interviewers are likely interviewing a pool of candidates so it is vital that you maintain a good impression and stand out from the crowd through the entire process!

The most effective way of doing this is by sending a follow up ‘thank you’ type note, card or email.

Below are a few things to consider for your follow up correspondence:

1. Keep it brief

Avoid writing an essay. This is not another application. Keep the purpose clear. Do not ramble.

2. Send it to all Interviewers Separately

This is especially important for email. It is important that the thank you note feels personal to the recipient.

3. Express Excitement for the Role

Remind the interviewer how keen and enthusiastic you are about the role.

4. Thank the Interviewer

After reinforcing your enthusiasm for the role, be sure to thank them for their time, the information they provided about the role and/or company.

5. Provide a Brief Summary Reinforcing your Fit to the Role

Keep this brief. You don’t want to ramble on about everything you said in the interview. You just want to highlight a few really key points of alignment. Use phrasing such as ‘the interview provided me with a valuable opportunity to highlight my exceptional customer service skills which I know will make me a successful candidate for this role’.

6. Show a Connection with Something Specific

Connect with something you learn from the interview which helps to reinforce how you align with the role and/or organisation.

7. Link to Something Specific Said by Each Interviewer

For example ‘I particularity appreciated your honesty when you said that ….’ or ‘I enjoyed hearing about your experience at the company and I feel it has increased my desire to work at [insert company name]’.

8. Use the Email as an Opportunity to Send Other Info

This is a great chance to send supplementary information. Consider any relevant hyperlinks (think Linked In profile, professional website or blog), or other information you may have mentioned in the interview or which helps to support claims you made in the interview

9. Seek Feedback if you Need to

This is especially important if it has been weeks and you have yet to hear back. Don’t hesitate. At this stage you really have nothing to lose. Worst-case scenario you are told that you have been unsuccessful and no feedback is provided. It is still worth trying.

10. Follow up After the Follow up

After the interview and after you’ve sent a thank-you note, wait 10-14 days, and if you haven’t heard anything,send a polite note inquiring about your status and whether there is anything else you can send them to help with their decision. This is mostly to help you as the job seeker feel like something is happening but it can also still impact the outcome.

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