Psychology Behind Us

What makes Career Focus Unique?

Career Counselling with an Organisational Psychologist

As an endorsed Organisational Psychologist, Melinda leverages of her knowledge about the psychology of work to provide person-centred services for the unique needs of her clients.

In her approach, Melinda utilises concepts of psychology, evidence based techniques, frameworks and principles around motivation and decision-making to empower people to make life changing decisions regarding work or study. Advice, techniques and principles incorporated into sessions are not based on anecdotes but rather are empirically driven and backed with scientific research.

Working with a strong scientific backing is a privilege as it provides Melinda with a range of tools that she can draw from to tailor sessions for clients and their unique situations and needs. There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ and there are no battery of tests which are administered by default. Tests are hand-picked depending on each client’s situation.

Engaging with a career psychologist like Melinda can help you:

  • Make career related decisions through a counselling process (that draws on research driven counselling practices and frameworks)
  • Identify and work through barriers blocking your decisions
  • Learn more about yourself, which includes getting a better understanding of what work means to you, the value you place on work and/or career and the alignment between yourself (from a skills, values and interests point of view) with work/study opportunities
  • Explore and expand on suitable and realistic study and work options
  • Receive accurate information about study and work pathways
  • Gain practical support with course and job applications and interview coaching
  • Feel empowered about taking action through concrete steps provided
  • Learn about and accept change as part of decision-making
  • Acquire effective decision-making skills and build confidence with decision-making which will help with your future decision-making

Melinda is genuinely passionate about helping others achieve their career development aspirations. If you are at a crossroads with your study or work, or thinking about your next career move, Contact Career Focus and speak with a career psychologist. What are you waiting for?