Interview Coaching

Congratulations! You’re through to the interview stage. Now what? Preparation is key! Let one of Sydney’s most accomplished career consultants help you understand the importance of interview coaching to ensure you succeed in your interview. Why you should work with Career Focus career consultants:

  Friendly, supportive and personalised interview coaching aimed at increasing your confidence

  Expert and reliable advice based on industry knowledge and experience

  Specialist feedback on your interview responses, using our unique psychology based approach to interview coaching

Your strong resume and impressive cover letter got you to this stage. The next step is about you understanding and practicing effective interview techniques with the guidance of an industry professional. Our career consultant and psychologist Melinda uses her unique approach to interview coaching to create a plan to improve your interview skills and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

  • Do you struggle to prepare for interviews? – we can help you prepare for your interview, covering areas you may not have considered as important to understand pre-interview.
  • Want to increase you interview confidence? – our proven interview coaching techniques are designed to increase your interview confidence
  • Need help improving your body language or relieving interview nerves? – body language is more important than you think during an interview, let us help you understand how to use this to your advantage

Help is not far! Increase your confidence by speaking with an exceptional interview coach in Sydney who will provide supportive, constructive and helpful feedback on your interview performance. Work through a range of interview problems, questions and technicalities with an expert. Do yourself a favour and take the stress out of you interview performance today by contacting Career Focus.

The interview coaching service provided by Career Focus is underpinned with the genuine desire to help people succeed and to realise their own potential. Melinda works closely with her career development clients to unlock their career potential and to build career related confidence. By engaging Career Focus, you will feel prepared and empowered at all stages of your job search – including the interview!

As an interview coach, Melinda is equipped with in-depth knowledge about different interview styles/types and requirements across a range of industries. With expertise, up-to-date and current interview advice, you will feel better prepared to excel in your next interview.

What our industry expert interview coach covers to help you succeed:

  • Research the organisation and industry as part of your interview preparations
  • Develop your own list of powerful and strategic questions to ask interviewers
  • Create and maintain a positive impression throughout interview process
  • Understand the dynamics of a panel interview
  • Improve and understand body language
  • Implement a strong follow up strategy post interview

Interview coaching sessions vary in length and the duration can be tailored to your unique needs. Short sessions are available to help you workshop some general questions. If you require additional preparation and coaching, a 2 hour session may be recommended depending on the complexity of the role and the nature of the interview.


  Help is not far away- contact Career Focus today!

To understand the ins and outs of a successful interview, contact Melinda, your personal and dedicated interview coach at Career Focus. Don’t let your previous interview performance define you! Get the help you need today, to get yourself closer to landing that dream job! Contact us.