Selection Criteria Writing

What Is Selection Criteria?

Australian Public Sector (APS) and some not-for-profit jobs applications require selection criteria responses, often in addition to cover letters and resumes. Candidates are evaluated across all application documents, with a heavy focus placed on the skills, knowledge and experiences discussed in selection criteria responses.

Given the importance of selection criteria responses, you simply cannot afford to get it wrong.

Selection criteria help – don’t let it overwhelm you

  • Ever submitted public sector applications without success?
  • Want to maximise your chances of getting an interview for your next job?
  • Is this your first time writing statements addressing selection criteria?

We understand that if you’re faced with addressing selection criteria it can be very overwhelming; that’s why our selection criteria writers are trained on how to complete the necessary information that is exactly what your potential employer is looking for.

Is It Your First Time Attempting Selection Criteria?  

Even with your well-polished resume and accompanying cover letter, your selection criteria responses may let you down. Often applicants feel overwhelmed by selection criteria requirements and struggle to identify relevant responses. Sometimes people write too much, too little or just outright sloppy responses. Let a professional wordsmith (and professional selection criteria writer!) help you compose strong, genuine, coherent and effective selection criteria responses.

Work closely with a Sydney based selection criteria writer (and expert) to hone your selection criteria responses. Let your professional application writer ask you the right questions to help you identify the most powerful and relevant examples for the selection criteria. Don’t be afraid to ask for selection criteria help, it can be the difference between you getting through to the interview stage or not.

Selection Criteria Writing Service – How We Can Help You

✔  Complete writing service for selection criteria responses: Our expert selection criteria writer will draw out criteria relevant information through a series of phone and email consultations. Cleverly crafted, information will then be written into a set of concise and strong responses.

✔  Review and editing service: If you have an existing draft of responses, we can review, edit and refine your draft selection criteria responses. At this stage, it is our mission to improve the clarity, flow and readability of your draft responses.

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