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Seeking Career Direction?

Career Focus can help with a suite of career development services to assist you at various stages of your career journey.


Ive had the honour of working with Melinda in a professional sense, through referring counselling clients to her with great success, so when I needed someone I could trust to guide me in my own career goals it seemed perfect sense to uiltise her expertise.   (more…)


Melinda is an engaging, highly skilled career coach who brings a deep passion and acumen to each and every client she works with. Melinda has the ability to connect with and understand the needs of each of her clients. In doing so, Melinda is incredibly effective at supporting individuals to understand their career aspiration and values, and then develop and attain their career goals so they can be the best version of themselves.  Melinda’s impressive academic background comes second to her interpersonal approach and her desire to go above and beyond for everyone that she works with. It has been a privilege to work closely with Melinda and to have been coached by her during my own career transitions. I have no hesitations recommending Melinda for individual career coaching as well as working with organisations who want to support their people impacted by change.


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