Help Finding a Job

With so many different ways to discover job opportunities in our modern world it is no wonder that people are asking for help finding a job. From endless searches on jobs websites, to checking out vacancies on your dream employers website to adverts in the local newspaper, it can be a very daunting task.

What is so advantageous about working with a professional job search coach?

✔  You get to work with a distinguished job search coach whose track record has no match –countless numbers of our clients went on to secure well-paying occupations.

✔  Your job search process will be efficient, stress-free and strategic.

✔  You will stand-out from the crowd and get your application documents to the top of the pile.

Get your job search of to the right start today by contacting Melinda, your specialist job search coach at Career Focus. Career Focus is your ultimate career development hub in Sydney, offering help to those looking to find a job in a competitive market.

Career Focus for Help Finding a Job

  • Are you experiencing difficulties securing a job in your field?
  • Maybe you’re re-entering the workforce after a long employment gap and unsure how to navigate through the current job market?

Get to meet and interact with a trusted career consultant in Sydney who also doubles up as a distinguished job search coach, and put an end to your frustrating and stressful job search. Whether you feel like your job search has been going on forever, your motivation has decreased, or you are just feeling stuck, rest assured that Career Focus will help find you a job. There are many benefits that come with choosing Career Focus as your preferred job search coach.

Through our job search coaching service you will gain insightful tools and valuable pieces of advice to help you start and conduct a successful job search campaign. We offer one-on-one coaching to help you land your ideal job in this highly competitive job market.

What to Expect From Working With a Career Coach

When a professional career psychologist coaches you, better results are bound to follow. By engaging a job search coach with Career Focus you will:

✔ Increase your understanding about the broad Australian job market, as well as specific and relevant job markets

✔ Develop an effective plan of attack for your job search

✔ Utilise formal and informal job search channels to explore job opportunities

✔ Maximise your chances of finding a great job!


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  • Are you searching for a job, internship or vacation program and are not sure where to look?
  • Feel as though you have exhausted all possible job search channels with nowhere else to turn?

If you are stuck with your job search, for whatever reason, contact Career Focus. We will work closely with you to understand your situation and offer the best possible help finding a job in Sydney.