Testimonials after working with a Career Focus career consultant

“Thank you Melinda at Career focus for your help with my interviews. With just one 1.5 hour session, I felt more confident in my answers and presentation. I also appreciate the follow-up emails and words of encourage on the day of the interview…it really helped to ease my nerves. And of course, I got the job of my dreams!! I have already recommended Career Focus to several of my colleagues. Thank you again Mel :)” Tracy D, Sydney

“Very very thankful and absolutely pleased with the support, communication and excellence provided by Melinda in refining my Graduate resume. She asked all the right questions and pointed out all the necessities in order to bring my resume up to par. I am much more confident applying with my new professional resume thanks to Melinda and I would recommend her services to anyone.” Dheekshanaa. S, Sydney

“Melinda did such a fantastic job with my CV and cover letter. Her grasp and command of the language are truly amazing!!” Carla.R, Sydney

“In just one hour of introductory conversation, Melinda has provided me with support, guidance and substantial advice on resume, essential criteria/cover letter, and career in general. She is knowledgeable and caring at the same time, which is so important as when we are job seeking we need realism and encouragement at the same tie. I feel more confident now, and I look forward to working with her and find a job at my level! I highly recommend Melinda.”
Alessia. G, Sydney

“Melinda has great logical- reasoning skills. Highly recommend! We are thankful for her help and support.”
Joanne. J, Sydney

“I can’t recommend Career Focus highly enough. Mel has been an invaluable source of advice and guidance and she is a great joy to work with. Thanks once again”
Kate.H, Sydney

“I am very grateful to Melinda for updating my resume. Melinda did an amazing job translating my skill set into a CV that reads perfectly for today’s employment requirements. She has a gift for finding the right language and tone for resume writing. I would certainly use her services again in the future. Thanks”
Monica.G, Sydney

“Melinda recently helped me with updating my resume for a job application. Mel was very friendly, helpful and really took the time to get to know my career strengths and achievements which she highlighted in my resume. Mel was also very supportive and encouraging throughout the process.” Pepsa, Sydney

“I can’t thank Melinda enough for the tremendous help she has given me with reviewing and editing my resume as well as her advice and coaching with my interview skills. Her professional and impressive touch up on my resume has without a doubt put me through to the interview stage. The follow up consultation session that we had was helpful in providing me with valuable advice and interview techniques which prepared me well on how to approach interviews going forward. In addition to this, she has given me very good tips on managing my nerves and also tackling difficult questions during the interview. I have now landed myself a role in an area where I have been unsuccessful many times as an applicant. Unlike the free sources and generic resume and interview tips you find on the internet, I have found her services to be extremely valuable and well worth my money!”
Shelley, Sydney

“I was referred to Melinda when I needed direction and guidance in writing a proposal document to a prospective employer. My first conversation with Melinda helped to provide me with the structure, content ideas and inspiration of how to move forward. I had some very tight deadlines and Melinda was able to accommodate these by providing support, reviews and words of encouragement. Melinda’s coaching and counselling skills were invaluable and prepared me greatly to execute the plan we had devised together. I highly recommend working with Melinda to achieve your personal and professional goals.”
Trina, Sydney

“Melinda has given me a great help and advise to the day to day challenges in my business. I have known Melinda for about 6 months, her work is amazing she has been a great support and great advisor to help me with tips and strategies that i can use to achieve my goals, she is really understanding and helpful. If you are stuck in your career, i would highly recommend you to Melinda’s services. She has been a great help! Thanks Melinda!”
Vin, Sydney

“Having to go through rounds of job interviews and being unsuccessful, I identified that behavioural questions is an area that I struggled with. I approached Mel for help – who provided exceptional coaching, support and encouragement! Mel called me prior to our 1st meeting to understand the situation that I was in. She patiently listened and even assured me that I will master in answering the questions. Thank you so much for believing in me! Mel was very quick in identifying the next step to take, which is to role play the questions that I struggled with. During our coaching session, she gave me feedback on what I need to say in order to provide a succint answer. English is not my 1st language so Mel also helped me out to replace some of the words that I used during interview with the intention to make it sound more positive and concise. So much thanks to Mel. I went through my 2nd round of interview meeting General Manager and a senior stakeholder, throughout my interview I did not struggle any bit as I was already confident and prepared with great answers. The outcome was, my new job is starting next week =) Thank you Mel, I had a wonderful experience working with you. The support and help you provided is absolutely beyond what I expected. As for now, I look forward to working together with you!”
Nancy, Sydney

“Melinda is an engaging, highly skilled career coach who brings a deep passion and acumen to each and every client she works with. Melinda has the ability to connect with and understand the needs of each of her clients. In doing so, Melinda is incredibly effective at supporting individuals to understand their career aspiration and values, and then develop and attain their career goals so they can be the best version of themselves.  Melinda’s impressive academic background comes second to her interpersonal approach and her desire to go above and beyond for everyone that she works with. It has been a privilege to work closely with Melinda and to have been coached by her during my own career transitions. I have no hesitations recommending Melinda for individual career coaching as well as working with organisations who want to support their people impacted by change.”
Josie, Sydney

“Ive had the honour of working with Melinda in a professional sense, through referring counselling clients to her with great success, so when I needed someone I could trust to guide me in my own career goals it seemed perfect sense to ulitise her expertise.  I already had that prior knowledge of the amazing and highly tailored work she has done with many of my clients. I can’t say I was disappointed, in fact Mel opened up my eyes to things I had not even considered when tailoring my cover letter, selection criteria and resume to a specific job, applying for a job and right through to long term career goals. Working with Melinda personally (and professionally) was an invaluable mind opening experience and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I believe most people would benefit from a career consultation when thinking about job applications and career development. Thank you for your guidance and expertise – Not only did I get results (I got an interview the next day), I also have a clearer understanding of my career direction.”
Tamara, Sydney