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In a relentlessly competitive job market, a strategic, concise and tailored resume is absolutely vital for capturing the hiring manager’s attention.  A resume needs to reflect everything that is relevant to the job in question. Your resume should not be outdated, full of errors, and provide unnecessary information. It needs to be sharp, to the point and well presented – that’s where Career Focus can help! Our professional resume writer will be able to take the added stress of creating a resume that is set to impress away from you, and ensure that your skills shine through everytime.

When you’re writing or submitting your resume did you ever consider:

Resumes are scanned for 20 seconds (sometimes less!) by recruiters/hiring managers Fact

Your resume needs to include every job you have ever had in it Fiction

Most resumes are full of grammatical and spelling errors Fact

You can use the same resume for every job application Fiction

A professional resume writer is there to help you win that job, by impressing them at the start of the application process. 

Although a strategically written resume offers that required punch, it is the valuable advice provided by your career consultant in Sydney that will help you land that elusive job. Your impressively written resume is crafted to reflect your skills and experiences and packaged in a way that attracts the attention of any hiring manager.

Career Focus – professional resume writers Sydney

Career Focus is your one stop shop resume writing services in Sydney for all your career development needs. Our professional resume writing and review services are conducted by trained resume writers who are well versed in different styles and requirements. We will create compelling resumes for all levels, including university graduates seeking to enter the job market, tradies and professionals.

Professional Resume Writers – How can we help you? 

✔ Comprehensive, Professional Resume Writing Services – Partnering with you as we create everything from scratch. Throughout the process, your professional resume writer will work closely with you through a series of phone consultations to collect key information for your resume.

✔  Resume Review and Editing Services – Your specialist career development consultant will review your existing resume with the aim of improving the documents readability and overall appeal. Expect us to enhance the resumes format, eliminate errors and add more information.

All academic, public and private sector resumes are priced differently. However, the cost depends on its overall length, the content provided, as well as the phone discussions. Call us today and get a bespoke quote for your resume writing requirements. We understand the value of a well written professional resume and want to help our clients achieve that at a relatively low cost.


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