Cover Letter Writing

Some recruiters and hiring managers would argue that cover letters are sometimes more important than resumes. Many candidates fall short by delivering a strong resume without an equally strong cover letter. Don’t make this mistake! Let an expert help you to ensure both your resume and cover letter writing is ahead of the rest.

Do you know that your cover letter is another chance to impress your future employers?

  • At Career Focus, a career development agency in Sydney with unique approach using psychology, crafting stand-out, affordable cover letters that heighten your chances of landing a job is our mandate.
  • You may miss out on getting the interview because your cover letter writing skills fail to impress and are not coherent with your resume
  • Take advantage of our custom-made cover letter writing service, inspire a potential employer through your application, move to the top of the interview list and earn the job!

We can help you create an interview winning cover letter, quickly. Our skilled and astute cover letter writers will work closely with you to understand your background, skills and experiences. These unique details will be weaved into writing a compelling cover letter, showcasing your fit for the role and the company’s culture more broadly.

We write for individuals seeking jobs in all industries and our cover letter writers are trained for a range of sectors. We can help with cover letters for a range of professionals, trades as well as university courses.

Cover Letter Writing – How We Can Help You

✔ Complete cover letter writing service – let our expert cover letter writer do all the hard work for you. This service involves writing a compelling and strategic cover letter from scratch.

✔ Review and editing service – if you would like a professional to review your existing cover letter and improve the documents readability through basic editing then this service is for you.

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Whether you have some experience with cover letters, or zero, don’t let a poorly written cover letter undermine your application. Take the hard work out of the application process and speak with an expert cover letter writer to ensure you have the best possible start. Contact Career Focus for your personalised cover letter writing service in Sydney.