The changing face of job search: Why you need to change with it!

The changing face of job search: Why you need to change with it!

One of the most common things I do as a career psychologist/career counsellor is dispelling modern day myths about job search. What you may have known to be true 10 or even 5 years ago, is not necessarily the way job search is now. Times change and you need to go with the flow.  So here are some tips to help you on your way…

Some modern day myths resulting in common job search mistakes

  • It’s OK to use one job search channel, for example, the newspaper. No. No it is not OK. The more channels you use the better your chances.
  • If I get 100 applications out this week, chances are something will come through (quantity over quality is never OK. And I don’t think this premise holds true for only job search).
  • Of course I use the same resume. How else can I get 100+ applications out per week?! (GASP! Oh the horror! Do I need to say more?).

Tips for job an effective and modern job search

  • Alter your job search to meet the changes within the broader job landscape.
  • Technology is your friend – Utilise job search apps and sign up to job notifications across multiple platforms.
  • Online branding – Again, befriend technology. Be sure to create a positive professional online presence. Ensure Facebook security settings are on high. Utilise LinkedIn and craft a profile which tells your unique career story.
  • Always bother to write a cover letter. You will never be turned away from a job because you bothered (and clearly took the time and invested energy into) writing a cover letter. You may very well however, be turned away because you didn’t write one and others did (even if it was not a ‘requirement’ listed in the job ad). Simple.
  • As part of your ongoing career development, be strategic with your job search. Develop an approach which is effective and time-efficient. The last thing you want to do is waste your time with an ineffective job search process as the process itself is already inherently frustrating!
  • Talk to the recruiter – If the ad is posted by a recruitment company, guess what, it is a good idea to ring them up and have a chat. Ask questions about the role. Appear genuinely curious and confident. You would be surprised to know how much great insight you can gain from such a simple conversation. It is also a great way to build a positive impression (which never goes astray!)
  • Set yourself job seeking days/times in the week – Don’t job search every single day for 10 hours straight. That would make anyone tired, let alone frustrated. Schedule your job search and make it an absolute priority for the time you intended.

If all else fails, get yourself some good professional advice from a career development professional, career psychologist, career advisor, career consultant or a career counsellor. Talk through your job search process with someone who understands the game. This way you can figure out why your job search is not getting you results, whether it’s because your approach needs tweaking, or because your application documents are not doing you justice.

The rise of career development professionals is also reflective of the broader change within the job landscape. More and more candidates are realising that they need extra help to stay competitive with their job search and applications.

Do you need help with your job search to stand out from the rest?

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